Samsung BCPS SmarThru Workflow Lite

Manufacturer part number SOL-EWF1M4
Vendor Samsung

Short Description
BCPS SmarThru Workflow Lite, 4Y

Samsung SmarThru™ Workflow Lite is an automated document capturing, scanning, and routing solution that creates a seamless and intuitive infrastructure for repetitive digital document handling. It enables users to capture, process, and distribute documents digitally, which is a core component for operating an optimized business environment.

One-Touch Scanning to Distribution

Documents can be scanned from a device and distributed to predefined destinations automatically without a server by creating a work form. When repetitive work is defined, it can be streamlined with the One-Touch scanning feature on the printer panel. Users can send a captured document to multiple predefined destinations with just one scanning conversion, improving productivity by removing tedious work. Plus, with easy access to digital files, the time and effort spent searching for paper documents is virtually eliminated.

Fax Routing

For enhanced workflow, SMBs can automatically distribute faxes to predetermined locations by manually categorizing locations using metadata or caller ID. For example, incoming faxes can be automatically categorized by using the caller ID. This feature is a time-saver when all faxes received from a specific client need to be sent to one individual or a specific group. By entering the client’s fax number, Metadata can be handled in much the same way, greatly enhancing workflow efficiency.

Zone-OCR and Barcode Recognition

SmarThru Workflow Lite supports OCR, an optical character recognition feature that reads and translates scanned character images into character codes. Once captured, documents can be routed to predetermined destinations based on text content in document zones using Zone-OCR, or based on barcode scans using the barcode recognition function. Samsung OCR and Zone-OCR, standard features with this solution, provide broad support for 27 languages allowing accurate document conversion and processing. Businesses can save resources by eliminating the need for an additional server, gaining the added benefit of automated save folder naming and creation by Zone-OCR and of automated naming of saved files by barcode recognition.
Compatibility ProXpress M4583FX
License term in years 4 year(s)
Samsung Smarthru WorkFlow 2, 15U
Smarthru WorkFlow 2 - 15 Dev License
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Samsung Smarthru WorkFlow 2, 100U
Smarthru WorkFlow 2 - 100 Dev License
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Samsung SmarThru Workflow 2
Samsung SmarThru Workflow 2, 5
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Samsung SmarThru Workflow 2
Samsung SmarThru Workflow 2, 1
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