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Microsoft Education Desktop
Microsoft Education Desktop, 1, Open Value License (OVL), 1 year(s)
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Microsoft Desktop Education
Microsoft Desktop Education, 1, 1 year(s)
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Microsoft Windows Enterprise Upgrade, Open Value
Windows Enterprise Upgrade, Open Value, NL, SA, 1Y, SL
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Parallels PMM-100-SCCM-MAC-2Y software license/upgrade
Parallels PMM-100-SCCM-MAC-2Y, 100, 2 year(s)
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Parallels Mac Management for SCCM
Parallels Mac Management for SCCM, 10, 1 year(s), 12 month(s)
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Microsoft 4UN-00002 software license/upgrade
Sideloading Rights, 1U, MOLP: EDU, Win
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Microsoft Windows Sideloading Rights 1license(s)
Microsoft Windows Sideloading Rights, 1, Open Value License (OVL)
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HP Windows 8 Pro, x64, w/Office Starter 2010, 1u, CTO
Windows 8 Pro, x64, with Office Starter 2010, 1 user, Configure To Order
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